The passion for cooking starts from my childhood, watching my grandmothers who cooked their dishes.

In course of time, I have turned this passion into my work and managed over the years various cooking activities in Tuscany.

Thanks to my long experience as Cook, I propose you a new way of cooking which is fresh, tasty, suitable for every palate using only the freshest and seasonal ingredients.

Here are some proposals of our menu…

  • Menu 1 :

Mix of pecorino cheese and cold meats
Lasagne with ragout sauce

  • Menu 2 :

Polenta croutons with sausage
Tagliatelle pasta with porcini mushrooms
Mixed salad
Ice cream with amaretti

  • Menu 3 – Vegetarian proposal :

Tuscan vinaigrette with fresh vegetables
Eggplant parmesan
Fennel salad with oranges and cream of sun-dried tomatoes, almond crumble
Lemon sorbet

  •  Menu 4 – House proposal :

Tagliatelle pasta with ragu
Grilled beef tagliata with arugula and cherry tomatoes or roasted porc with grape
Ice cream with amaretti

  • Menu 5 – Fish proposal :

Marinated salmon on a bed of orange soncino
Sailors spaghetti with anchovies, cherry tomatoes, crumble of toasted bread.
Perch fillets baked with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, oregano and mint
Panna cotta with berries

  • Menu 6 – Meat proposal :

Mix of cold meats and tuscan cheeses
Florentine steak
Lemon Sorbet
Limoncello liqueur

Menu and ingredients can be customized.
All the ingredients are organic and 0 km
Hours and days must be notified at least the day before

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For every dinner :

  • House wine and water included

  • Espresso coffee included

You can choose if having your dinner in our living-room or we will bring it directly to your apartment (free).

From € 15,00 per person…

Book your dinner with us and if you have special requests for a customized dinner or party, send us your enquiry filling out the contact form. Thank you!


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