Special Dinner : Mare et monti

Special Dinner: Mare & Monti

Due to the desire to continuously improve and provide our guests with a service-oriented to the quality, we have thought to organize periodically special dinners at our property !
The events will be mainly on weekends to offer the chance to stay all weekend.

The first theme dinner , titled ” Sea & Mountains ” will take place on Friday, December 7th, 2013 , starting at 7,30 pm .

A tasty dinner accompanied by fine wine and with background music inspired by the notes of the singer Francesco De Gregori with our exceptional pianist Angelo , the atmosphere of the fireplace and our famous friendliness…

The menu we introduce you :

Appetizers: ALICE ( mixed appetizers)
First: THE WOMAN CANNON ( Handmade mezzelune pasta with salmon and ricotta cheese in walnut sauce )
Second: ATLANTIS ( Baked pork with grapes in a sauce of balsamic vinegar)
Outline : MUSCLES OF THE CAPTAIN ( poached fennel )
Dessert : RIMMEL ( Limoncello tiramisu)

The dinner will be prepared in our living room.

€ 25.00 per person (water and wine, coffee and brandy are included) .

We accept reservations for a minimum of 4 people until maximal 15! It is possible to reserve within the 3rd December 2013!

Book your dinner with us!


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