The Feast of the grape harvest! — Festa della Vendemmia

Festa della VendemmiaThe Feast of the grape Harvest!

On Saturday September 30th and Sunday October 1st, in the small village of Mensano (near Casole d’Elsa) you will be back to ancient times, when the Harvest was a folk festival more than a job!
The award of a long year of work!

You can relive the time when the wagons were carried by “oxenand the only way to take power was to drink a good glass of wine.

That magic, will come back for two days in this “Tuscan Little Gem.”

All the inhabitants of the village will wear with traditional peasant costumes and the young girls will come back to crush the grapes into a dance long forgotten. In the country, taken back to the ancient tradition, you will breath ancient smells and forgotten flavors, such as “migliacci of sangue” and chestnuts.

Saturday, September 30 at 3 pm,  the wineries will be open to visitors for tastings of its wines, accompanied by prestigious sommelier.

On Saturday evening there will be the traditional dinner in the old barn Mensano.

To our guests there will be, on the occasion of this event, a special welcome gift !


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