We are preparing for the summer season!

Hey there, this time my inspiration comes from the incredible hot temperatures that we have! Wow, I couldn’t imagine only a couple of days ago to have again – like in every Summer – 35° degrees….

Our fortune is to have this amazing outdoor swimming pool located right in front of the tuscan countryside… tables, chairs and sun loungers have already been fixed by the pool as every year. From here you can enjoy the incredible view over the landscape and only relax and plan your evening 🙂

Since many of you asked for me if there is an outdoor space, here is my answer for you!

Yes, you can cook everything you desire in the kitchen of your apartment or order your lunch or dinner which will be prepared by the excellent Chef Lia and that’s it! Or otherwise you can choose to spend your evening directly at the Restaurant of the Borgo where the typical tuscan cooking specialties are prepared with care!


Come to visit us and we will be glad to offer you the best of our Hospitality accompanied by a glas of excellent Chianti and some appetizer…

Enjoy your time at our property…

To be continued…


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