The Lia’s Kitchen


The culinary art, like any other art, is always changing because obliged to follow the evolution of taste and presentation of the dish.
I offer succulent lunch and dinner meals that highlight the tradition of tuscan and sicilian cuisine.


All the preparation is managed by me and cooked on site, by me inside Borgo di Tignano or at your property, with the highest quality ingredients, the service includes shopping, preparation and thorough cleaning of the kitchen, you can enjoy the evening in the company of your friends without worrying about anything.


Ideal for surprising your hosts with a delicious menu or as a fun and original gift idea!


Here you will see only some of my suggestions but every new course can be modified and tailored to your specific needs!


*** For my guests, who will reserve a wonderful stay in one of my apartments, upon your arrival I will prepare a selection of cold cuts and cheese according to the farmer’s tradition and a delicious wood-baked bread accompanied by a good bottle of Chianti-wine to let you start a nice holiday.

Other tips you will see in the page that I have dedicated to my culinary passion!

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